Mega cool offer from the leading manufacturer of radiators, heat exchangers, coolers and air conditioning units


The promotional autumn continues! From September 18 to December 17, buy NRF products in the amount of  UAH 30,000 with one check and receive a vest and cap as a gift. The promotion will be valid until the gifts run out.


We remind you that Dutch company NRF is one of the leading manufacturers of radiators, heat exchangers (grilles, plates, tubes) radiators, coolers, oil coolers, box coolers (cooling chambers) and air conditioning units. Choosing NRF means opting for quality and service.


 You can buy NRF products at any Strans store. You can find out the details of the NRF promotion from your Strans manager. Also, do not forget to subscribe to our pages in social networks and follow our news to be aware of all the benefits for you and your business!