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Tire installation is one of the most common types of service. Correctly selected and high-quality installed tires and rims are the best guarantee of comfortable and safe movement.

Strans Service offers a full range of truck tire installation services. Our specialists can quickly and efficiently replace tires, carry out wheel diagnostics and balancing and provide qualified advice on the care of tires and wheels.

Strans Service has high-tech equipment and specialized tools for prompt and high-quality performance of tire installation works. All our specialists are professionals in their field with many years of work experience.

List of tire installation services:
  • Wheel balancing (granulate)
  • Tire balancing R22.5
  • Tire balancing R17.5/R19.5
  • Tire vulcanization
  • Disassembly and assembly of the wheel from the hub
  • Disassembly and assembly of a tire from a disc
  • Tire dismantling
  • Removal and installation of wheels (paired)
  • Assembly-disassembly of the spare wheel
  • Tire installation
  • Checking the radiator
  • Wheel inflation
  • Deepening of the longitudinal tread pattern (1 track)
  • Deepening of the combined tread pattern
  • Tire installation (disassembly and assembly of wheels, tires)

So, if you need tire installation, please contact us. We guarantee the quality of the provided services and loyal prices!