Why should you buy Adblue from Strans?

Manufactured by Noxy

Own network of gas stations throughout Ukraine

A large selection of containers ranging from canisters to tanks

Free courier delivery anywhere in Ukraine

Quality certificates and laboratory tests for each batch

10 years on the market of Ukraine


Official distributor

in Ukraine

Selling of small volumes of Adblue®

The good example is a volume of 30 litres which is the convenient option for long-distance trips. This extend of liquid is enough for 1500-3000 km (depending on the average consumption).Therefore, find the nearest sales point to you, visit us and buy a good-quality Adblue at the advantageous price.

  • • in a hurry;
  • • interested in trying a new brand of reagent to clean the exhaust gases;
  • • planning to take a reserve amount of Adblue for the forthcoming trip.


immediately into to the tank or to your own container is a popular service among drivers of trucks and cars as well! Due to the growing popularity of SCR we have opened a refueling stations chain in big Ukrainian cities and we are planning to expand it in future.

  • • the constant large volumes availability of AdBlue;
  • • high-quality fluid;
  • • favorable prices;
  • • modern equipment;
  • • fast help;
  • • high-quality service.


Selling of small volumes of Adblue®

For our corporate clients this is a unique opportunity to purchase a catalyst for SCR technology at an affordable price and in a convenient container! We offer the best option for transportation of 1CBM.

Bring your empty container and take
the CBM of a high-quality of AdBlue®

Do you have a big car fleet? You don’t want to tear out your trucks to refuel? Or maybe you have your own car service and you want to open the mini-refueling station for your customers?

Well, in this case, this will be the best option for you with minimal investment, because we have all the things which might be needed.

Selling of storage barrels for
big volumes of Adblue® (2500 - 9000 litres)


  • have a big vehicle fleet or you frequently visit Europe;
  • own the car service and provide (or planning to provide) an Adblue refueling service.
We offer two different types of Adblue tanks:
  • • isothermal, capable of maintaining the neccessary temperature for storage;
  • • usual, made for warehouse storage; they are already equipped with pumps and filling guns, so they are designed for multiply refueling

You can easily and inexpensively buy any

accessories for refueling Adblue® stations

We offer products with the best value for money and the opportunity to order a lot of needed parts.

The offer includes the entire assortment of parts for refueling station:
  • During the operation of any diesel engine vehicle, there is a need to buy AdBlue in Ukraine. By maintaining the optimal level of this reagent, owners of passenger and commercial vehicles can be confident in the efficiency of exhaust gas cleaning. In our online store, you can purchase the solution in containers of up to 20 liters, and also arrange for delivery in tanks.
  • Our prices for AdBlue are truly advantageous, especially for wholesale buyers, and the established delivery mechanism allows for refueling vehicles with SCR systems without delays.

The advantages of Adblue®

Reducing the environmental

Reducing the fuel
consumption by 5%
(if the engine works properly)

Cutting taxes
and road tolls
in Europe


Our company can offer

Free shipping of large Adblue® volumes

You do not need to visit the refueling station every time you want to fill your container, you can simply contact our managers. Tank trucks which our company provides will deliver liquid to you!

If you are buying the big amount of exhaust fluid and you might have some complications while transporting barrels or you are the owner of the station, then for sure you can use our Adblue delivery service!

Thanks to availability of a regular rides and favorable price of our products – this is the most
convenient and practical option for corporate customers.

AdBlue (NH2)2CO + H2O

Is an aqueous urea solution made with 67,5% deionized water and 32,5% urea. This is the harmless, odor-free, colorless and environmentally friendly product.

Adblue is used as a consumable in SCR systems in automotive engineering due to new European Union directives which regulate the emission of harmful substances in diesel engines. According to EU directives, new more stringent standards (known as Euro 4) came to force in Octorer,2006, which became more strict in October,2008 (so-called Euro 5).

New directives require from manufacturers of trucks and large goods vehicles (with the reference mass bigger than 3500) to adapt their fleets to implementing new rules. Such possibilities are provided by SCR technology. The new Euro-6 standard came to force in 2014. Under the Euro 6 standards the acceptable level of NO(nitrogen oxides) emissions is 400 mg/kWh, which is 80% less than in Euro 5./kWh, which is 80% less than in Euro 5./ кВтч, то есть на 80% меньше, чем в норме Евро-5./ кВтг, тобто на 80% менше, ніж в нормі Євро-5.



The maximum shelf life of AdBlue is one year from the date of manufacture in the appropriate conditions. AdBlue is not a flammable substance, but while storage at temperature above +30°C it may occur hydrolysis decomposition with the formation of ammonia.

In other hands the process of crystallization occurs at the temperature below -11,5°C. That is why containers, dispensers and valves should be isolated, even if necessary, they should be heated, and the place of AdBlue storage should be ventilated.


AdBlue Fluid for Exhaust Gas Cleaning

During the operation of any diesel engine vehicle, there is a need to buy AdBlue in Ukraine. By maintaining the optimal level of this reagent, owners of passenger and commercial vehicles can be confident in the efficiency of exhaust gas cleaning. In our online store, you can purchase the solution in containers of up to 20 liters, and also arrange for delivery in tanks.

Our prices for AdBlue are truly advantageous, especially for wholesale buyers, and the established delivery mechanism allows for refueling vehicles with SCR systems without delays.

What is AdBlue Fluid

AdBlue is a specially developed reagent used in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems for exhaust gas treatment.

It contains demineralized water (67.5%) and highly purified urea (32.5%). AdBlue, which you can buy in Lviv through our reputable company, is produced in accordance with DIN 70070 and ISO 22241 standards. It is injected into the exhaust pipe to convert ammonia and nitrogen oxides into safe compounds. Other names for this aqueous solution include DEF and AUS 32.

Characteristics of AdBlue

When buying and using AdBlue, it should be noted that this fluid crystallizes at -11.5°C and has the following properties:

Viscosity of 1.4 mPa·s


Thermal conductivity of 0.57 W/(m•K)


Refractive index in the range of 1.3817 to 1.3843


Density within 1.087-1.093 g/cm at ambient temperature +20°C


Shelf life of up to 3 years (if stored at temperatures between 0 and +10°C)

Commercial and passenger vehicles require AdBlue fluid with identical characteristics, the cost of which may vary depending on:
  • the size of the container with the substance;
  • the manufacturer;
  • the quality of the product, determined by the degree of raw material purification and adherence to production technology;
  • the market value of urea;
  • the pricing policy of the seller.

Why and How AdBlue Works

This reagent is used to reduce NOx emissions by 90%. It neutralizes harmful compounds by breaking them down into water vapor and nitrogen. This helps reduce the negative impact of automotive transport on the environment, human health, and animals.

What Is Exhaust Gas Cleaning Fluid?

AdBlue contains components that, when combined with exhaust gases, initiate a selective catalytic reduction reaction. From nitrogen oxide, ammonia, methane, and carbon dioxide generated during the decomposition of urea, water vapor, N2, and CO2 are formed.



Some entrepreneurs do not bother to think about the harmfulness and usefulness of reagents for diesel catalysts. They use the simplest technology: in certain proportions mix agricultural urea with plain water, sell such a solution under the names EcoBlue, FilBlue, SuperBlue and more.

The catalyst does not break immediately, it needs time for destruction, which depends on the particles of dirt and other impurities present in the solution. The cost of the new catalyst will be about 5 thousand euros. Therefore, you should not save on reagents, because then you can lose much more money.

AdBlue freezes at -11°C, in order to return its properties it is necessary to place it in a warm room and wait until it thaws completely. It is not recommended to force defrost Adblue, as there will be stratification into solution and water. Nobody warms up the full tank to the end, the car starts to move, and the first thing that is consumed instead of a full-fledged AdBlue - of course, water. Therefore, if you think that you have been sold a low-quality product - know how to warm up.

After traveling some distance and draining the water, we get no more than 33%, as it should be, the concentration of urea by 60% or more (at 70% concentration, the solution generally becomes jelly-like). Add fresh AdBlue, but it is unrealistic to get in the right proportion. Again, the driver thinks that he was fooled when buying AdBlue, although this is not the case, it was worth just put the car in a warm garage, box or other room and allow it to warm up properly.

It is not possible to test AdBlue in a service station environment. The best you can do is monitor the urea content with a refractometer.

To determine the presence of impurities and the most critical metals, a laboratory test is required. This, by the way, began to be used by some unscrupulous drivers who constantly drive for no apparent reason, and when it comes to a tragic finale, refuel with a normal solution and go to the service as if repaired under warranty. Therefore, be especially careful and still try to inform your customers.



Network of gas stations

  • м. Львів
  • с. Зимна Вода, вул. Ю. Опільського, 9А
  • тел:(067) 3107788 / (067) 6702400
  • AdBlue

  • м. Львів
  • вул. Промислова, 50-52
  • тел:(096) 6667575 / (067) 6768539
  • AdBlue

  • м. Біла Церква
  • вул. Леваневського, 85 Б
  • тел:(067) 8698139 / (067) 8698197
  • AdBlue

  • м. Луцьк
  • вул.Рівненська, 76 А
  • тел:(067) 3117040 / (066) 6835666
  • AdBlue

  • м. Хмельницький
  • вул. Тернопільська, 19
  • тел:(067) 3105588 / (067) 3433505
  • AdBlue

  • м. Вознесенськ
  • вул. Київська 192
  • тел:(067)7176149 / (067)7176126
  • AdBlue

  • м. Вінниця
  • вул. Хмельницьке шосе, 105А (фактична адр:Хмельницьке шосе, 145)
  • тел:(067) 3432100 / (067) 3432101
  • AdBlue

  • м. Рівне
  • вул. В.Стельмаха, 32 В
  • тел:(067) 3216848 / 0673222532
  • AdBlue

  • м. Житомир
  • вул. Параджанова, 74
  • тел:(067) 3606622 / (067) 3117877
  • AdBlue

  • м. Тернопіль
  • вул. Бродівська, 60
  • тел:(067) 3511668 / (067) 3511669
  • AdBlue

  • м. Ужгород
  • с. Розівка, вул. Свободи, 38
  • тел:(095) 1358828 / (067) 6753268
  • AdBlue

  • м. Мукачево
  • вул. Ужгородська, 167 А
  • тел:(067) 2255544
  • AdBlue

  • м. Іршава
  • вул. Шевченка, 145
  • тел:(067) 6768536 / (067) 3258066
  • AdBlue

  • м. Львів
  • Траса Київ-ЧОП 541км.
  • тел:(067) 3104535 / (067) 5751949
  • AdBlue

  • м. Чернівці
  • вул. Хотинська, 43а
  • тел:(067) 3118863 / (067) 3118862
  • AdBlue

  • м. Запоріжжя
  • вул. Космічна 119
  • тел:(067) 4392909 / (067)4390200
  • AdBlue

  • м. Дніпро
  • вул. Дніпросталівська, 11
  • тел: (067) 6963215 / (067) 4559332
  • AdBlue

  • м. Вінниця
  • вул. Чехова, 29
  • тел:(067) 3203210 / (067) 6735364
  • AdBlue

  • м. Київ
  • вул.Будіндустрії, 7
  • тел.(067)8816867 / (067)8816862
  • AdBlue

  • м. Кременчук
  • вул. Київська 64а
  • тел:(097) 2039899 / (067) 6234001
  • AdBlue

  • м. Львів
  • вул. Шевченка, 317
  • тел:(067) 8816902 / (067) 8816884
  • AdBlue

  • м. Полтава
  • вул. Половки, 78б
  • тел:(067)4390340 / (066)3023390
  • AdBlue

  • м. Первомайськ
  • вул. Вознесенська 30
  • тел:(067)7368630 / (067)7368632
  • AdBlue

  • м. Черкаси
  • вул. 30-річчя Перемоги 13/5
  • тел:(067) 4390324 / (067) 4390327
  • AdBlue

  • м. Івано-Франківськ
  • вул. Юності 52
  • тел:(067)4390810 / (067)4390050
  • AdBlue

  • м. Миколаїв
  • с.Весняне, вул.Одеське Шосе, 3
  • тел:(067)4390294 / (067)4390314
  • AdBlue

  • м. Сарни
  • вул. Варшавська, 8
  • тел:(067) 6574445 / (067) 4395355
  • AdBlue

  • м. Кропивницький
  • вул. Промислова, 2а
  • тел:(067) 8149295 / (050) 6142939
  • AdBlue

  • м. Київ, м. Вишневе
  • вул.Промислова, 5
  • тел:(067) 3103020 / (067) 6753570
  • AdBlue

  • м. Ковель
  • вул.Володимирська 135
  • тел:(067)4298145 / (067)4298138
  • AdBlue

  • м. Київ
  • вул. Магнітогорська, 1Е
  • тел:(067) 3433500 / (067) 6758005
  • AdBlue

  • м. Київ
  • вул. Малинська, 3
  • тел:(067) 7001106/ (067) 8816892
  • AdBlue

  • м. Одеса
  • пров. Чапаєва, 5
  • тел:(067) 3505680 / (067) 3505810
  • AdBlue

  • м. Умань
  • вул. Вінницьке Шосе, 4Б
  • тел.(067)7385319 / (067)7385295
  • AdBlue

  • с. Черляни
  • вул. Польова, 17
  • тел:(067) 3606611 / (067) 6760906
  • AdBlue

  • м. Чорноморськ
  • вул. Промислова, 1
  • тел:(067) 7385241/(067) 7385149
  • AdBlue

  • м. Кривий Ріг
  • вул. Купріна, 123а
  • тел:(067) 7001179/(067) 7001232
  • AdBlue

  • м. Миколаїв
  • вул. Новозаводська, 42
  • Тел: (067) 4390358 \ (067) 7040723
  • AdBlue

  • м. Стрий
  • с. Дуліби, вул. Шевченка, 418А
  • тел:(067) 2530244 / (067) 2528185
  • AdBlue

  • м. Нова Одеса
  • вул. Центральна, 199, Універмаг
  • тел:(067) 2840907 / (067) 2839880
  • AdBlue

  • м. Харків
  • вул. Волонтерська 2A
  • тел: (098) 1890010 / (098) 1890070
  • AdBlue

  • м. Радехів
  • вул. Стоянівська, 27A
  • тел: (067) 3171709 / (067) 3172780
  • AdBlue

  • м. Дніпро
  • просп. Б. Хмельницького 156
  • тел: (067) 3151558, (067) 3151700
  • AdBlue

  • м. Звягель
  • с. Наталівка, вул. Промислова 13
  • тел: (067) 3160380 / (067) 3163010
  • AdBlue

  • м. Татарбунари
  • вул. Тура 8
  • тел: (067) 1709840/ (067) 1709860
  • AdBlue

  • м.Чернігів
  • вул. Інструментальна 6
  • тел: (067) 1488668 / (067(2007789
  • AdBlue

  • м. Одеса
  • вул. Висоцького 2а (селище Котовського)
  • тел: (067) 4293229 / (067) 4293259
  • AdBlue

  • м. Золочів
  • вул. Промислова, 14
  • тел: (067) 4768803 / (067) 4769544
  • AdBlue

When Do Vehicle Owners Need to Buy AdBlue in Ukraine

All modern diesel engine vehicles are equipped with exhaust gas cleaning systems, the functionality of which depends directly on the level and quality of the urea-water solution. The frequency of refilling the reagent depends on a combination of factors:

  • the type of vehicle - trucks consume 1.5-2 liters per 100 kilometers, while passenger cars use approximately 1 liter per 1100 kilometers;
  • driving habits;
  • vehicle usage patterns.

Diesel vehicle owners need to have a supply of the fluid for filling the tank; otherwise, there may be issues with starting the engine and complying with Euro-4, Euro-5, and Euro-6 environmental standards. Ordering AdBlue is also necessary at refueling stations where refilling the reagent is a requested service. By cooperating with our store, you can make a purchase quickly, advantageously, and with a guarantee of excellent product quality.

What You Need to Know Before Buying AdBlue in Ukraine

  • When choosing a manufacturer of the fluid, it's advisable to follow the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer.
  • If there are doubts about the engine's functionality, a system diagnostic should be performed before refilling.
  • Only certified solutions should be used.

Why Vehicle Owners Need to Buy AdBlue Fluid

Urea solution helps care for the environment, prevent engine malfunctions, and avoid fines for non-compliance with environmental standards. Contact us to replenish your AdBlue supplies without overpaying!