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Warranty for goods

  • Warranty - is a product that meets all technical and technological requirements and quality. All products offered by our online store have a warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The warranty period for Goods, except for electrics, is 12 (twelve) or 24 (twenty four) months.
  • Seller's warranty obligations for goods are executed when the buyer complies with the relevant requirements.

Warranty conditions

  • Providing a document, that confirms the purchase of this product from the seller.
  • Provision of an act of execution for the installation of spare parts on the service station, which contains information about the car and a list of installation works.
  • The warranty period for electrical goods is not established, and the warranty on them is limited to the fact of working capacity at the time of installation.
  • If the buyer fails to meet the requirements, for which the warranty obligations are in force, the spare part loses the guarantee.
  • The warranty department accepts the goods for diagnostics in an authorized service center and determines the causes of the malfunction. If you find a factory defect, warranty repairs will be made within the statutory time limits. In case of delay in the delivery of spare parts, repairs may be made for a period of more than fourteen days, but no more than thirty days.
  • For more information, as well as for consideration of claims to the quality of goods on an individual basis and making a decision, please send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We ask you to provide a detailed description of the problem with the product. Your claim will be reviewed within 5 working days from the moment of receipt. We will try to find the best solution for you.

The order of the complaint

  • Complaint - is a claim of the buyer, presented to the seller or supplier for the product that has failed in the period when the warranty terms has not expired.
  • The buyer informs the seller about the occurrence of warranty case in writing by filling the act of complaint.
  • The act of complaint must contain information according to the specification provided by Seller to the Buyer.
  • The seller examines all the materials that were provided and makes a decision on satisfaction guarantee claims of the buyer or the rejection explaining this decision.

Return of goods

  • Return (exchange) of goods. In accordance with Article 9 of the Law "On Consumer Rights Protection", goods of the proper quality (without defects) can be replaced or returned to the store within 14 days, not counting the purchase date if the following conditions are met: A product was not in use and has no trace of use: scratches, damages, scuffs, traces of the cut, no traces of liquid in the product or on the packaging, documentation.
  • A product, that has visual defects (due to the production or storage process) can be replaced by a similar, or its full cost is refunded.

Complaint form

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