Promotional offer from the leader of the European energy market


Be prepared for the challenges of autumn - buy Iron Horse batteries and get a nice bonus from us! From September 14 to November 8, we give Fishka certificates to the most active buyers every week:

1st place: 1,000 UAH certificate

2nd and 3rd place: 500 UAH certificate


You can use the certificate for fuel, digital equipment, buy products or just eat delicious food from the program partners. In total, there are 9 partners where you can use the certificate (OKKO, Furshet, Pharmacy Dobroho Dnia, ALLO, Rukavychka, Social Pharmacy, Prostor, Meiwei, A la minute, Pesto Café). And that's so cool!


We remind you that Iron Horse is a manufacturer of batteries with more than 20 years of experience and is one of the leaders in the European energy market. Iron Horse products are trusted and installed on their cars by such global manufacturers as MAN, DAF, VOLVO, RENAULT, as well as other well-known factories in the automotive industry. Iron Horse batteries are a reliable and time-tested high-quality product.


You can buy Iron Horse products at any Strans store. You can find out the details of the Corteco promotion from your Strans manager. Also, do not forget to subscribe to our pages in social networks and follow our news to be aware of all the benefits for you and your business!