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There will be ROTA promotion in the Strans stores from September 1 to October 31


Let's open the autumn season together! Strans together with the Turkish company Rota has prepared a cool offer for you! From today, every customer buying Rota products has the opportunity to take part in a weekly raffle. The winners will be chosen from the participants with the largest weekly purchase amount:


- 1st place: overall

- 2nd place: vest

- 3rd place: half overall

- 4th place: polo shirt + cap

- 5th place: T-shirt

- 6th place: cap + mug


Participants who purchase the brand's products for the largest amount during the entire period of the promotion will also receive an additional reward. The three lucky ones will receive a whole set of gifts - vest, half overall, T-shirt, cap, notebook, pen, mug, mouse pad, stickers and keychain!


ROTA manufacture over 10 000 OEM references product for commercial vehicles, agricultural tractors, construction machines and special vehicles. ROTA exports products manufactured under the complete production supervision to more than 100 countries across 5 continents at the best quality, competitive prices and on time.


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