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Professional WESEM lamps are available in our stores! 





The Polish company WESEM has been successfully working for many years in the field of lighting for the automotive and agricultural sectors, as well as for the construction. It has been on the market since 1977 and maintains the status of a family company.  WESEM successfully competes with leading European manufacturers of lighting for cars and supply its products not only to the markets of the European Union, but also worldwide.


WESEM designs and manufactures lamps on its own. The production takes place in Poland and this allows fully control the process and, thus, ensure high quality and meet the needs of customers. At each stage of production, products are tested and are analyzed in our own laboratory. Tests for aging and strength are carried out by studying (including tightness) lamp resistance to vibration, corrosion, UV radiation, low and high temperatures. All this guarantees a durable product, which is characterized by complete tightness and the ability to work in difficult conditions, as well as resistance to mechanical damage.


The manufacturer's offer includes two main groups of goods:

  • on LED technology - working lamps, additional headlights, headlights, signal lamps, special lamps,
  • incandescent lamps - working lamps, extra lights, headlights, warning lights, special lamps.


Among a wide range of products, truck and semi-trailer users will find lamps specifically for themselves. Reliability and durability, as well as high European quality indicate that when buying WESEM products, the user can be sure that the lamps will serve him for many years.


WESEM products can be purchased in our chain of stores. If you need additional information about products, ask our managers or find a lamp that you need on, if it is not in stock, we will deliver it for you.