Надішліть Ваші контакти і наш менеджер зв'яжеться з Вами:

Traditionally, with the beginning of the warm season summer offers from the Strans chain of stores are coming into effect.





Strans specialists developed the most relevant offers in order to help drivers and make it easier to choose from a large variety of products and to purchase the most necessary products for the spring and summer 2020 season.


Basically, these are products that are focused on maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the car, care of its body. These are products that will not only give your car a decent look, but also protect it from the negative effects of the scorching sun, dust, water and other environmental factors.


This year's summer offers includes:

- summer driver's clothing kits: hats and t-shirts

- brushes, car shampoo and polishing paste ⠀

- janitors, car washer and anti-rain

- panel polish, glass cleaner, rags, flavors


Summer offers products are already available at all Strans chain of stores. So, follow our news to stay informed of all the benefits to your business!