Надішліть Ваші контакти і наш менеджер зв'яжеться з Вами:

From 9 March to 3 May, the Strans network will have a mega cool offer from NRF.




From March 9 to May 3, buy brand products and go to Poland! After the end of the promotion, the 15 most active buyers will be selected to receive the main prize - a trip to Gdansk!


We have prepared for you:

- city tour

- fishing on the high seas

- ATV riding

- stay in a first-class hotel

- new interesting meetings

- a pleasant holiday


 Dutch company NRF is one of the leading manufacturers of radiators, heat exchangers (grilles, plates, tubes) radiators, coolers, oil coolers, box coolers (cooling chambers) and air conditioning units. Choosing NRF means opting for quality and service.


You can buy NRF products at any Strans store. You can find out the details of the NRF promotion from your Strans manager. Also, do not forget to subscribe to our pages in social networks and follow our news to be aware of all the benefits for you and your business!