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Strans stores and warehouses have replenished their stock of chains and anti- slip bracelets.

It’s no secret that anti-slip chains and bracelets are “must have” in winter. In the fall, many car owners decide to upgrade their stock and purchase them in anticipation of winter weather. However, these simple components make it easy to overcome not only snow, but also sand, viscous clay soil and dirt, so ideally they should be in our machines all year round. After all, they are able to significantly improve the running characteristics of tires.

When choosing what to purchase: anti-slip chains or anti-slip bracelets, it is better to focus on the tasks that will be set for these components. So, for better handling and a smooth ride, Strans experts recommend choosing chains (with a pattern “rhombus”). If we are talking about installing on a wheel that has loaded, or if it is necessary to improve its traction properties, then it is better to choose bracelets.

Among the design differences of chains and bracelets are the following:

  • Chains are a continuous grid and are supplied in a set of two pieces. When choosing chains, it is important to consider the size of the wheel, its radius, height and width, as well as the width of the links of the chains themselves. For trucks, it is recommended to choose links with a wider shape.
  • Bracelets are a set of 2-12 metal belts. They consist of a belt, anti-slip base and buckles for fastening. The number of necessary bracelets is determined by the owner of the car, but the more they are used, the smoother driving of the car will be.

In general, the bracelets are very similar in characteristics to chains with a pattern “ladder”, which are recommended to put on uncontrollable wheels.

The process of fitting chains and bracelets also has its peculiarities. It may seem easier to install bracelets as there is no need to jack the car, but it can lose time on installation of circuits. In addition, bracelets should not be placed on a steel disk, since during work it can damage them. Also, please note that the chains should be placed on the drive axle, however, when it comes to mountain landscape, it is best to install them on all wheels.

Also remember that movement with anti-slip chains and bracelets on a hard surface leads not only to their premature wearout, but also to wearout of tires, and, in case of breaks, to damage a body parts, parts of wheel arches and flaps.

You can buy any number of anti-slip chains and bracelets in all Strans store! Also, keep an eye on our news on the site and social networks, to be aware of all the advantages for yourself and your business!