Надішліть Ваші контакти і наш менеджер зв'яжеться з Вами:

In the Strans chain store, the next Winter Offers are begining to operate!

According to popular wisdom, sleighs need to be prepared in the summer, so Strans specialists decided to help truck owners with preparation for winter. Traditionally, every year in the autumn, special offers begin to operate in Strans stores, the main task of which is to help customers prepare for all possible trials of cold season.

So this year the list of "Winter offers" included:

– antifreezes and concentrates HEPU, NORWAY, MOTORLUX;

– BANNER and IRONE HORSE batteries, jumpers, screw terminal and start-charging;

– scrapers and washers STRANS, NORWAY;

– tires, chains, jumpers, technical salt and shovels.

These products are widely represented in all chain store. Just now you can buy any quantity you need. Also, keep an eye on our news on the site and social networks, not to miss the advantages for yourself and your business!