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From now on all Strans SERVICES Argon-arc welding are available.

Argon-arc welding is used for welding ferrous and non-ferrous metals, light alloy materials and stainless steel. The main advantages of argon-arc welding are the better quality and reliability of welds n comparison with conventional welding.

Argon-arc welding is used for repair and manufacturing:

- small and fine details;
- large massive spare parts;
- food and industrial tanks and cistern;
- radiators of heating systems;
- pallets of engines, that are made of ferrous and light alloy materials;
- bodies, wings and hoods of cars, etc..

Argon-arc welding requires more skill and professionalism, the availability of modern welding equipment and high-quality admixture materials. All this you will find in every Strans SERVICE! We guarantee a high-quality and reliable result of the performed work, as well as control of the joints strength!

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