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On May 1-4, Strans employees and partners attended the training of Sampa.

Sampa is a Turkish auto parts manufacturer. The company produces quality components for most brands and models of trucks, trailers, etc. Today, the range of their products has more than 30,000 units, a lot of attention is paid to new innovative developments.

Our members were able to get acquainted with the history, principles and goals of Sampa company, received a unique excursion to the company's factory. Here you can see the production process, as well as visit the research and testing center of the company.

The participants received a very positive impression of the tour and were able to ensure a high level of quality control of finished products and innovation throughout the production process. So, it's not surprising that Sampa easily obtained all the required quality certificates (ISO / TS 16949, ISO / EN 17025, ISO 14001, ISO 18001) and has a large number of patents.

At the end of the training, participants were presented with certificates. A city tour and historical sights were also arranged.

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