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On June 26-30, the Strans employees and partners visited the Hengst factory in Münster (Germany).

Hengst is a German family company that has recommended itself well among car owners. The enterprise became known thanks to its high-quality and reliable filters. No wonder they sayб that Hengst is able to surpass only Hengst.

However, Strans never liked loud statements and relied only on its own knowledge and undeniable facts. A recent trip to the leading factory in Münster, a modern logistics center and many other places has made it possible for the participants to make sure that the quality and reliability of the Hengst filters is based on persistent work, modern design and sustainable development.

Except the tour to the company's production facilities, guests were also provided with a city tour, an informative training session, certificates and presents.

Strans advised Hengst filters for troubleshooting related systems and mechanisms! We also invite you to visit any of our store if you need spare parts for repairing your truck, bus, trailers or other special equipment.

Stay tuned to our news and be aware of all the benefits for your business!